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Web development services

Web development is the process of programming the approved design by the client.

Web development is divided into several stages. Firstly the design is encoded to high quality HTML, then it is adapted to our content management system and finally we develop and integrate custom web applications to provide required functionality and services.

Website HTML development

Once the design is fully completed it is encoded using HTML and CSS style sheets.

HTML page quality is important for search engine marketing. Web developer has three main tasks when encoding HTML:

  • Optimize HTML code and graphics to make them as small as possible so the website would load fast.
  • Assure compatibility with search engines that they could read page titles and well organized content.
  • Make sure that website would be displayed correctly on all web browsers and operating systems.

Our web developers write HTML and CSS code by hand for each unique design. We like to use liquid CSS techniques to program website layouts as they give best flexibility and compact code compatible with all web browsers and web standards.

Applications such as Dreamweaver or Ms Word are capable of generating HTML automatically, they are often used by amateur web developers; however all these applications add large amount useless code that makes the website slower and down perform on search engine listings.

Content management system

Once website designs are programmed into HTML they are connected to content management system for web based editing.

Content management system is web based software that allows adding new pages on the website.

We have developed our own content management software that comes with each website that we build. It uses HTML designs as templates where it places content, generates menu automatically and performs many other advanced tasks such as product and blog management.

Our CMS is designed to be easy to use. It has been developed so website owner could update the website using web based text editor, photo uploader/resizer and other visual plugins. CMS is linked to various web applications such as real estate or product management, photo gallery, contact form and others. You will be able to place these applications anywhere in your content with a couple of mouse clicks.

With our content manager you will get video tutorials and a detailed manual of all its functions.

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Web applications

Web applications are based on internet browser and web server. They are designed to provide services and interactivity on the website.

Our web developers use PHP and ASP programming languages on the web server, also MySQL databases for storage. We like to use JavaScript for asynchronous communication with the server when developing database administration and Adobe Flash where visual effects are needed.

We offer many different types of applications depending on client needs:

Product management and listing software

Product manager provides web based interface to add products. Entered products appear on the website automatically. We develop unique product listing layout for each website making sure that your website wouldn't look similar to your competitors. Product manager also provides shopping card and payment system functionality on your website.

Photo gallery application

We have developed content management system extension that allows SEO friendly photo gallery management. Photos and their descriptions are added to individual pages and plugin generates listings, slideshow and other services on the website automatically.

Real estate software

Real estate management software is integrated to our content management system. It allows adding property details and photos to individual pages generating automated listing and detail pages on the website.

We have been working on search engine marketing for large real estate software providers. Our real estate software provides SEO tools to generate static property pages; all automated pages use custom designs and are crafted for search engine compatibility.

Our real estate software features real time PDF plugin that provides buttons on the website to generate window cards for high quality printing.

Apart of various type of listings real estate plugin provides property search and dynamic slideshow of property photos and videos.

Flash based application development

We use Flash applications almost exclusively for animations and special effects since content within Flash is invisible to search engines. Flash plugin offers masking, transitions, colour transformation and other visual techniques that HTML can't do. Usually we place flash slideshow or other animation to website header. We have developed a variety of non linear photo transitions.

Flash slideshow can be also integrated to content management system. We use it to upload and change the order of photos that appear in the slideshow.

Video integration

Flash plugin allows quality streaming videos to be integrated to the website. If you live in Costa del Sol we can bring the equipment to film your office or products, perform post production and place the video on your website. In Flash video can be displayed behind vector an pixel graphics layers; this allows a wide range of design and development possibilities.