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This professional photography portal has been developed for DSLR Magazine.

DSLR magazine is a Spanish website run by optics expert - Valentin Sama offering latest photo camera reviews, techniques and other photography related stuff.

The site has over 2000 pages however it was running on a simple template based on Joomla 1.0.

Website design

We have completely redesigned the site according to latest standards so it would look more appealing and professional.

Fine gray background has been chosen as it suites well photography or video related websites inspiring elegance.

Every panel and service on the website has been redesigned and reprogrammed from scratch taking care that everything would be integrated into website design.

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Professional photography portal design for optics expert - Valentin Sama
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Elegant photography portal design

The site has been rebuild from scratch applying new design, liquid CSS and several new features.

New website features

New features have been designed and programmed to enhance the website such as:

Dropdown menu with semi opaque shadow, popular articles for various categories, semitransparent panels and fine looking footer.

New DSLR magazine website has been programmed for compatibility with Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, Safari and other major web browsers.

It took more time as expected to accomplish the upgrade however the result looks excellent so we are very happy with the work we did.

Upgrade, Joomla and programming

The site was upgraded to Joomla 1.5 and programmed using modern HTML and CSS technology.

The site features liquid CSS technology - it stretches and shrinks accordingly to window size. This feature took us a great effort to implement it was primarily designed so the site would display correctly on Mac iPad.

The site has been upgraded without changing the content as even minor change in each of 2000 pages would be a huge task. We have used smart CSS tricks to make the articles fit into new design.


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