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Professional web design

Web design is a branch of graphic design focused on website appearance and web based graphics.

Web designers differentiate from graphic designers because they have to have knowledge about how to create cutting edge visual design while complying with latest web standards, making sure that the website is efficient and easy to use .

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Website programmer often uses smart techniques such as repetitive backgrounds, transparency or solid colour boxes to reduce web page size. Good web designer has to be aware of these techniques to make the design compatible and functional.

Website structure design

Our website design company has developed many custom websites in Costa del Sol, province of Malaga.

From the experience we have found out that clear website structure has to be defined before website is designand. Usually we draw the structure on the paper together with the client. Website structure is drawn using boxes; each of these boxes represents website elements such as navigation menu, content, side column or property search.

Website structure has to be created in a way so it would be usable and easy to understand and navigate; the most important elements have to be placed in strategic places so they would be found easily.

Website header design

Website header works as an identification of your company

Header is a valuable part of the website since it has to transmit the corporate image and identity of the company. Website header usually consists of logo, commercial text phrase and some sort of Flash animation showing photo slideshow, interactive menu or some other kind of application.

We usually use photo slideshow with customized nonlinear transition. Each photo works as a link to particular page. Our designers retouch photos to match style and colours of the website. We can also add some promotional text using custom fonts to each photo. Our web developers can also integrate streaming videos into header design if needed.

Website logo design

Company logo is usually designed using vector graphics.

Vector graphics allow producing smooth shapes and text that can be scaled without loosing quality. Usually logos work better if they are clean and simple - too many shapes and other design elements might make your logo difficult to understand and what's more important - to memorize.

We design custom logos based on your industry using smooth fonts and modern graphics software. We usually build logos using vector graphics, however for most advanced needs we also use 3D rendering and modelling software.

Web based product listings design

Product listings are generated automatically from database based product management software.

Here in Malaga, Costa del Sol we have built many real estate and e-commerce websites providing our custom design. Product listing design requires creativity, organizing skills and knowledge of usability.

Web app design

Almost all the websites we build feature some sort of web application design.

We usually add an automated column that shows latest news, related pages, mini contact form, search and other services. Each our application is custom, designer gives it a shape according to website style.

Web design for an international college in Costa del Sol

Aloha College

Large educational website development.

Professional web site design for a  financial company in Costa del sol

Lawsons Equity

Financial website design & development

Custom graphics and website production for leading web design company from Costa del Sol, Andalucia

Web design site

Built for web developers in Costa del Sol

Custom website navigation menu

We build horizontal and vertical navigation menus depending on website requirements.

Horizontal website menu design

Horizontal website menu is generally used at website top. Website top is first thing visitor sees when entering the website; for this reason horizontal menu is generally designed to represent main website sections. Horizontal menu has a limitation that elements have to fit in one horizontal line.

If website requires many pages to be fitted into this kind of menu, usually a second custom horizontal menu line is designed to show subsections for chosen main section. Sometimes instead of second horizontal menu - a complementary vertical menu is used to show sub sections of the website. This vertical sub menu can be designed to appear in one of the columns on the website or as a dynamic popup appearing when client drags the mouse on main menu section.

Vertical website menu design

Vertical website menu is used on left or right side of the website. Unlike horizontal menu design, vertical menu is not limited by website size as if it is has too many elements and won't fit on the screen - it will expand down. If vertical menu get's too long it becomes hard to use as visitors have to scroll to find what they are looking for.

For this reason vertical menu is equipped with sub sections that appear only when one of the main sections is chosen. Sub menus can have their own sub menus and so on... Our recursive function is capable of generating submenus of any depth automatically; however if you will have too many depths the menu will become inefficient. Think of it like that: if you have 10 main pages and each of these 10 pages will have 10 sub pages you will be able to fit 100 pages to your menu; so if you are planning to have a website with less than 100 pages you should use a single submenu level.

Website content design

Website content primarily consists of headlines and paragraphs of text.

It might also include photos, graphics, column designs, contact forms, web applications and other elements.

For text headlines and paragraphs our web designers usually choose safe fonts that are installed by default on Windows and Mac systems. This is very important in order to make sure that visitors having different operating systems would see the website correctly.

Some of our designs have fancy fonts that are not included to safe font list. Non standard fonts are usually used in website header; they are prepared in image format.

Website content design looks better if we add some relevant photos to it. If we have a large amount of space for the content in can be placed into columns. We have designed several websites in Costa del Sol where content is divided among 3 columns on the home page. For inner website pages we prefer to use mixed design where only some parts of the content is divided into columns.