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R. Arreciado jazz trio

Every last Friday of the month musician, composer and teacher – Rafael Arreciado plays live jazz at “Sonrisa Studios” often inviting guest musicians.

In this music video Rafa was playing in jazz trio with saxophonist Rafael Águila and a double bass player - Markus Schneider.

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Video of jazz trio playing at “Sonrisa Studios” in Marbella

This music band from Marbella mostly plays fine live jazz with bossa nova flavour.

Jazz band

Rafael Arreciado is known for his jazz guitar skills but also for his pedagogic work as modern music harmony teacher in Art and Culture centre in San Pedro de Alcántara.

Moved by jazz music and excited that our harmony teacher is going to play live we brought camera equipment to film Rafa and his band playing live bossa nova jazz.

Music video production

In this video you can appreciate good jazz and artist performance skills in high definition.

Video has been recorded with handheld HD camcorder. In post production the footage was stabilized and retouched for optimum colors, brightness and contrast.


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