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Digital video production

In Marbella, Costa del Sol and Berlin, Germany

Our video solutions provide advantages in innovation and quality compared to most competitors as they are based on creativity, conceptual ideas, marketing and the use of professional equipment and advanced film processing technologies.

According to clients idea we prepare video production plan. Complete video production service consists of pre-production, film shooting, post production. Pre-production takes care of script writing and scene planning; post production provides video mixing and color correction, adding titles, effects and giving it a film look.

Artistic film and real time VJ visuals

Our Costa del Sol based crew specializes in producing abstract short films and avant-garde real time VJ visuals for music concerts.

Experimentation with video footage overlays and non linear effect chains opens endless possibilities for innovation that could be used for artistic and corporate videos.

Corporate video production

Our company makes promotional videos for products and businesses.

Corporate videos are important marketing tools to promote the company to the public. We can make videos of corporate installations, employees, products, exhibitions etc

We collaborate in idea development by suggesting how to integrate innovative technologies so final video production would look fresh and professional.

Produced video can be placed online, delivered as promotional DVD or even high definition progressive Mpeg4 for quality projectors and cinema film.

Post production

Post production simply makes your video look better.

The technology is based on complex tools that enhance video footage. Main post production goals are to fix brightness and colours of the footage using adequate tools. Depending on the needs our crew sometimes also uses diffusion, blurs, advanced colour correction and other filters.

Post production also includes designing video headlines and graphic overlays, making them to appear/disappear in fancy ways in the video.

Advanced post production consumes a lot of processor power. It is usually performed once the footage is edited, mixed and confirmed by the client.

We also use professional post production for stills – check our photo retouch section for more information.

Our video producer filming in Costa del Sol, SpainFilming in Costa del Sol Recording equipment & shooting

Filming in southern Spain

Video filming is a delicate part in production.

It includes handling camcorder electronic and optic hardware to produce shots with best possible focus and natural colours. Apart of video quality videographer has to find an interesting angle, depth of field and make sure that the camcorder stays steady while shooting the scene.

Costa del Sol is a sunny place surrounded by beautiful mountains. We like to do a lot of open air videos as sun provides good illumination especially during evening hours. For this kind of filming we use optical image stabilization that is build in into camcorder lens. OIS allows steady video production without a tripod – Useful if we need to take shots that represent first person vision.

Our video production crew offers filming and post production works in Southern Spain, Costa del Sol. We can also help in developing ideas for commercial and artistic videos. Our crew has been producing videos for over 5 years in Costa del Sol – Marbella, Málaga, Granada and other places. Around 1 year ago we have bought the equipment to record progressive frame HD (High Definition) video that offers much better video quality compared to commercial DVD.

Digital video editing

Our video production crew can edit and mix any digital footage.

Video editing consists of choosing useful material from raw footage and placing the shots in a tasteful logical order; if you live close to Marbella we can come to your office, pick the footage and mix it professionally.

Online video production

Apart of film making our crew also dedicates to web design.

We can integrate your promotional video to the website using various techniques:

  • Video with a minimalistic player - For those who are planning to have video section
  • Video on a website header - For those who want the video to start automatically once visitor enters the site.