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Real estate photography

Photo quality in professional real estate photography is very important so your exclusive property would standout among competitors.

To achieve good real estate photography it is important to take many photos from different angles using special lenses and retouching them so they would look sharp and professional when represented online or in a magazine.

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Many real estate agents, especially here in Costa del Sol take their property photos using touristic photo cameras with automated settings. These photos might work well for non important low budget properties but they won't have the quality to stand out as expensive luxury offers. Mini camcorders do not have quality optics and even if the camera offers high resolution without proper lens photos will look average.

Real estate photo retouch

Real estate photo retouch improves photo quality by equilibrating picture colours and contrast.

We offer professional retouching techniques using more advanced tools to give artistic look to each photo, also to make the whole set of photos look the same by balancing colour curves, shadow strengths and other parameters.

Real estate office photos

We don't limit ourselves to taking property photos.

Check our corporate photography section if you need good looking shots of your office or sales people in their working environment.

Optics in
real estate photography

We usually use high quality wide angle lens to take interior and exterior property photos.

Wide angle lens compresses space making close property elements appear closer and far ones even further. This allows taking exterior property photos from relatively close distance. Interior photos taken with this lens appear more descriptive and spacious since larger amount of room fits to a photo.

Sometimes when we need to enhance a single property element we use telephoto lens. It provides blurred background making focused object to stand out. Such photos give artistic feel to the property. Shallow depth of field optics is widely used in movie production.

Real estate video production

We also offer professional video production for your most exclusive properties.

If you live in Costa del Sol we can bring the equipment and shoot the video of your property, perform post production and integrate it to your website.

Exterior daytime photografphy with pool reflections in Costa del Sol

Quality outdoor photography

Photo of a real estate property in Costa del Sol.

Modern bathroom photo taken in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Carefully framed interior

Luxury kitchen villa interior.

Modern indoor pool and bar photo taken in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Pool residency interior photo

Professional interior photography.

Modern interior photo taken in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Property interior photo

Quality shot for real estate advertising.

Modern exterior archiecture photo taken in Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol residency exterior

Professional exterior photography.

Exterior night photography using our real estate photography services in Marbella

Modern villa photography

Real estate linear perspective photograph taken in Marbella.

Amazing dusk photography in La Quinta, Marbella

Grabbing night photography

Stunning real estate night photography

Refined aesthetic living room photography in Marbella, Málaga

Formal setting livingroom

Unique & distinct living room photography.