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A good web editor or magazine publisher knows that photos are very important to attract the attention of the viewer.

A professional quality photography is a must when published in a magazine or when online represented, the reader will stop if the image is interesting enough.

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Quality of image is crucial

Importance of the format and sizes in images.

The quality of the photos has to be excellent. It´s not only about a capture of a special moment or showing a photographic technique or concept, what is really importance of the photos have to be technically of top quality.

When it comes to size, the bigger the better and the photo to be delivered should be at a resolution of 300dpi. Magazines normally are a A4 in size and for full page printing the picture should be 30 cm high.

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Trap readers attention

A professional image is a powerful medium for non-verbal communication.

Web and magazine editors are always looking for good quality images, as they are aware that a nice photograph is what might turn us on and may be what we remember.

Photos usually work as web or magazine marketing. It really makes a big difference to open a magazine or a website with professional photography!. For most websites or publications if there are no pictures or quality images it will mean they might go out of business.

We provide our web and magazine clients with high end pictures, taken with professional equipment and enhancing them with quality photographic retouch.