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Interiorism photography

Photography for interior designers, architecture firms, real estate agents, specialized shops, magazines & publications

A good photographer is responsible of capturing the beauty and essence of the designs and spaces of interiors to look their best. Home decorators, architects, shops etc, are also in need for quality photography to publish and advert in top publications and magazines.

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Magazines & publications

Ideas & inspiration!

In need of stunning pictures to impress their readers.

Magazines & Publications are in need of really excellent and high quality photography as they showcase the latest interior inspiration and décor tips and trends for houses and gardens. It is a must in magazines to have astonishing images to capture the interest and attention of the readers to survive in the publications competitive world.

Architecture firms

Interpreting space & light!

The magnitude of space and perspective and how it interacts with the environment.

When shooting for architecture firms, builders and constructors it is important to represent the true atmosphere of space. It requires time to look thoroughly at the structure of the building, study it´s lines and perspectives to shoot from unusual angles that reflect the essence and style of the architectural design. We have been shooting many exclusive villas, developments and commercials for renown architects in Marbella and Málaga.

Decoration shops

Furniture & complements!

Pictures have to underline the quality of the products together with the beauty of the designs.

Good photographs are especially important when it comes to market and sell furniture for kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms as well as decorating elements. Many shops have contacted us to take pictures not only of their locals and showrooms but also of the nice and fine products they display in their shops.

Banni showroom photography in Marbella, Málaga

Banni showroom

Furniture and decorative lamps & tables

Interior design bedroom photography Marbella Málaga

Mirror reflection photography

Photo of a beautifully decorated bedroom

Creative styled interior design livingroom photography

Interior design photography

Modern depth of field photography

Elegantly taken photo of a bathroom shop

Spazio 2 - All bathroom

Perspectives & taste in bath gallery in Marbella.

Interior designers

Creating an atmosphere!

A good interior photograph reflects and helps to market the styling and decoration of the spaces prepared by the interior designer & home decorator.

At BlackElk Studios we have realized much photography for international interior designers and home decorators , German, Finish, English and Spanish among others based in Marbella and in Málaga. All the shots where nicely styled, appropriate to the space, showing the textures, volume and richness obtaining visually engaging photographs.