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Photo equipment & optics

Digital photo quality depends on camera capture size, compression, focus, aperture, sharpness and many other factors.

Photo camera is responsible for photo size, noise and colour representation. Camera also compresses photos to Jpegs affecting quality. For highest quality works we often use RAW image capture format (uncompressed).

Photo lenses

Lenses are used to produce optical effects.

Each different lens is designed to produce certain type of photos. We use several professional interchangeable lenses with our photo camera depending on a situation and required photo style.

Telephoto lens

Telephoto lens can be used for zoom and depth of field effects.

Telephoto lens allows getting close to the objects that are located far. In artistic photography it can be also used to magnify close objects highlighting their details.

Zoom in telephoto lens allows focusing on an object while blurring the background. This technique is called shallow depth of field photography. It is widely use for portraits and abstract objects when they need to stand out.

Wide angle architecture photography for corporate businessCorporate photography Business photo production

Wide angle lens

Used for landscapes, real estate, architecture & creative purposes.

Wide angle lens transforms visible space. Objects that are close - appear closer and the ones that are far - appear even further. This lens is very useful for architecture photography because we can take photos of entire buildings from interesting angles from close distance. Interior photos taken with this lens appear extremely sharp and spacious making it suitable for real estate photography.

Wide angle lens is also useful for landscape and abstract photography. Perspective view is required for this lens; it works best for landscapes with objects at various distances.

Macro lens

Macro lens allows photographing from a small distance suitable for shooting tiny objects.

Macro lens is widely used when photographing flowers, insects and other small objects. It can be also used to produce artistic photo of small detail of a large & complex object. Because macro lens focuses on such a small spot it also provides shallow depth of field that permits defocused background.