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Corporate photography

Corporate photography is used to represent your business.

Companies often use professional photography for their corporate image, magazines, websites, business events and advertising campaigns. Our company offers professional photos of corporate portraits, office workers, business installations and others. We also focus on abstract artistic photography used for advertising.

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Corporate photography is a very wide branch; it may include photos of any artistic style or method for company’s documentary, consultancy scenes, architecture, products or offices. Even the most abstract photos can be used for corporate needs in advertising as aesthetics are widely used to impress the viewer while transmitting business message.

Artistic corporate photography

Studies have shown that human mind responds well to intellectual corporate message therefore for higher levels of marketing - photo of a product is simply not enough.

Corporate photography ideas are usually designed to focus on psychological impact to target individuals of certain interest, beliefs, urban or social groups. For this approach it is very important to come up with a sharp corporate idea before photography works are started.

Corporate portrait photos

We use telephoto and wide angle lenses for corporate portrait photography.

Telephoto lens provides diffused background if necessary; wide angle lens offers interesting angles and widened view suitable for work place photography.

Clean corporate photo of an airport installations in Malaga, Spain

Malaga Airport installations

Corporate photo example.

Corporate real estate photography

Professional photos for real estate properties and business offices.

We use quality wide angle lens for property interior and exterior photos. Such photos have great sharpness and compressed view making the property look more spacious and artistic. We work with high definition photos suitable for website headers and magazines.

We also offer real estate photo retouch that equilibrates colors, sharpness and artistic filters so the photo would stylish and professional.

Professional corporate photography services

We offer professional corporate photography services in Costa del Sol, Southern Spain

Our company offers all inclusive photography services that include shooting, retouch and delivery in CD format or via FTP. If you are looking for professional photos for your business, fill our contact form and we will provide free advice and quotation.