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Live music video & photography Orquestra La Contenta

Our team has visited La Contenta Orquestra many times at their warehouse in Marbella where they are practicing every Monday.

After watching experimentations with innovative instruments that they make from recycled materials we have decided to take photographs and film a video.

First photos and video shots

During first photography and filming session we have discovered that the place had very dim lights.

Due to pour light conditions first images appeared noisy and therefore unsuitable for professional production.

Controlling the illumination

Unsatisfied with first shots we have decided to use professional 800W lamp that has been mounted on a ladder to provide illumination from above.

We have also used smaller bulbs for side illumination. The resulting images looked much better – bright light almost entirely removed noise from video footage and photographs.

Shot from video made for music band - La Contenta OrquestraLive music footage View produced video

Post production

Music video is made using heavy duty post production to enhance and compress colors so they would look vivid and natural.

We have used many different post production filters to achieve it. Since the footage was recorded hand-held for more realism we have used digital image stabilization in production.

Post production technology »

Photo retouch

Photos have been retouched using various relighting techniques applying sepia and black and white tones.

A special care has been taken to adjust photo contrast in different parts of the photo enhancing skin tones, instruments and backgrounds.

Photo retouch technology »


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