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Berlin jazz video

Our team had visited many jazz clubs in Berlin, always searching for jam sessions.

Everywhere we went we were bringing HD filming equipment just in case we will see something interesting worth shooting.

View in high definition

If you have a fast internet connection this video is available in HD mode.

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Several shots from jazz clubs filmed in Berlin

We were lucky to capture people playing fine live jazz during jam session in one of the jazz clubs.

Carrying equipment

Since professional camcorder is already heavy to carry, we were unable to bring tripod.

Everything was shot handheld taking advantage of optical image stabilization. Recorded footage was further stabilized, enhanced and retouched digital post production tools.

Jazz club and video angles

The club was packed with people limiting filming angles.

Almost everything was shot from the point where we were sitting. Nevertheless of all limitations – video and sound quality is really good. The club has very professional illumination and excellent music. "Jazz in Berlin" video has been recorded during 2 jam sessions in Bflat jazz club in summer 2010.

This video includes only a small portion of all good material that we have recorded. We are planning to release more jazz videos a little by little.


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