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SEO marketing and website optimization

SEO is a complex optimization process to position your website on search engine listings.

Search engine marketing consists of several steps. It will significantly increase visitor amount only if all of these steps are performed correctly.

Website marketing strategy

Keyword research stands as a foundation for all further SEO services.

Keywords are search terms performed by users on search engines (Google, Yahoo etc).

Keyword marketing research

We will have to analyze your business to determine relevant search terms. Using these terms we can perform advanced synonymous keyword search and competitive market research to determine your main competitors and how well they are marketed. From gathered results we can determine how much effort is needed in order to position each chosen keyword.

Content relevancy

Determined keywords will be divided to their corresponding pages on the website. Once that is done we can proceed to the next SEO marketing step - content relevancy optimization.

Content relevancy is analyzed using sophisticated SEO tools. We will have to make changes in your website content and link structure to make sure that the relevancy is optimum.

Page titles and descriptions

Each page will have a unique title and description for each page that we are going to optimize. We will provide instructions how and where speciic words should be used to rank on chosen keywords.

Page title and description are extremely important to rank well in search engine listings. If they are not unique or irrelevant to your website content - SEO won't work and you might even get penalized by search engines.

Source code optimization

Website HTML code quality also influences positioning on search engines.

SEO friendly website code has to comply with strict search engine rules that include various elements important for ranking. We will make sure that your website code is compact and well structured before the website is released.

Website promotion & popularity

Website popularity is a final stage in SEO marketing. It makes sure that your site gets ranking to reach top positions on search engine listings.

SEO ranking can't be achieved in one day. Placing hundreds of links a day would get your website penalized by search engines. For this reason we offer monthly link building service. We will add 3-4 links every day providing 60-80 links a month.

Most websites rank fairly well after one month of link building; some sites require several months of marketing because of high competition.

Daily visitor graph

Tool to monitor your website statistics.

Once the website statistic software is installed you will be able to see how many visitors enter your site each day, how long do they stay, what keyword they have used in search engines to find your site, from what country do they come from and much more.

These reports are crucial to test how website SEO is performing; if marketing strategy works and what can be improved.

Our SEO marketing services

We specialize in SEO marketing for new or already existing sites.

For a new website SEO works best when marketing plan is prepared before the website is built. The site is developed according to SEO plan.

Already existing sites have to be gradually optimized in order to improve search engine positions. SEO is performed for each page separately while monitoring the results using website statistics.

If you are looking for professional SEO marketing services our company is based in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Andalucia and Berlin, Germany.

Our marketing works in Málaga

We did many successful SEO works for various companies in Andalucia, UK, Ireland and Germany. One of the most important ones is SEO friendly property listing engine made for largest real estate software provider in Costa del Sol, Malaga. Our plan helped them to get hundreds of clients in the province of Malaga and other parts of Spain. We have received very positive feedback from many real estate companies from Costa del Sol and Mallorca regarding our SEO engine.

Another example would be our sister site offering design and web development services in Costa del Sol. We have managed to rank well on many web design and development related keywords; in general our SEO positioned the site among top 3 web design companies in Marbella.

Website sitemaps

Sitemaps are lists of all your website pages.

Sitemap lists are used for SEO to make sure that search engines would easily find all of your content. Our content management system generates a sitemap automatically and whenever you will add new pages to your website, sitemaps will update automatically.

There are two types of sitemaps used in SEO marketing:

  • HTML sitemap is a standard page that contains all of your website pages and their hierarchical structure.
  • XML sitemap is a file on your website managed by specially crafted piece of software. XML sitemap informs search engines about all the pages on your website, also when they were last modified.