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Aloha College
website design

This educational website has been developed for an international college based in Marbella, Southern Spain.

Aloha website has been designed using latest tendencies implementing many innovations. This includes various slideshows, dynamic photo previews, custom animations, Ajax based contact forms and many other functions.

The site has been developed on Wordpress importing event and news pages from their old website with the help of our custom built importers.

Web design

The college needed a new approach so we have redesigned the site from scratch providing a clean educational design that will compete with other colleges in the area.

The site has been completely redeveloped as well as their old system was very outdated. We have rebuilt the site using Wordpress open source content manager enhanced with various plugins adapted to their specific needs.

We had to write several thousands of lines of PHP code to adapt the content manager to college requirements, this included writing several Wordpress plugins. Apart of PHP we had to program in Javascript to provide special effects and enhanced functionality.

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Aloha College website designed for SEO and usability based on open source Wordpress content manager
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Design and development using HTML5

This educational website has been developed using HTML5 and CSS 3.0 standard completely avoiding the use of Adobe Flash since it is not supported by some mobile devices.

Website features and usability

Old Aloha College website had hundreds of news and events. We have imported and organized them by years and months so the information would be easily accessible.

We have also implemented related news system so relevant news could be placed on each college year group page. Events have also been organized by months and placed on a large calendar. Both latest news and upcoming events sections have been implemented below the content on the home page.

These improvements have been planned and designed specifically to increase website usability; the more content the website has, the more it becomes important to organize it properly.

Wordpress development and SEO

The site has been developed on Wordpress content manager thinking about SEO. We wrote thousands of lines of code to adapt the site to search engine standards and specific needs of the college.

Aloha College website is a very large one, a list of required features was several page long and it took us several months to design and develop it. We have implemented SEO friendly URLs for all old and new content, this immediatly increased their positions on search engines doubling daily organic visitor amount.

We took a great use of Wordpress content manager and plugins developed by open source community – it already had many features required by the college, however the development works were not easy, we had to modify the code written by many different developers adapting it to college needs.


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