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CMS, Web management system

We have developed our own content management software that comes with each website that we build.

Our CMS works in real time building website pages and providing online administration that can be accessed using any web browser. It renders website pages using HTML designs, generates automatic menu and performs many other advanced tasks such as photo resizing, listing products and blog management.

Advantages of our CMS

Our CMS is designed to be easy to use.

It has been developed so website owner could update the website using web based text editor, photo uploader/resizer and other visual plugins. CMS is linked to various web applications such as real estate or product management, photo gallery, contact form and others. Content manager allows placing these applications anywhere in your content with a couple of mouse clicks.

We have developed many extensions and they can be adapted depending on your needs.

CMS features

With our content manager you will get video tutorials and a detailed manual of all its functions.

Our CMS consists of an advanced content editor that allows updating website content visually with ease. Website pages are shown on CMS navigation menu. Special tools allow creating sub categories and moving pages from one category to other on navigation menu.

Our content management system is also equipped with photo upload and high quality web based resizing technology.

Extra plugins

CMS plug-ins provide advanced listing and
e-commerce functionality

  • Property management and listing applications have been created on request of several real estate agencies in Costa del Sol.
  • Photo gallery extension has been developed to organize photos and generate automated listings and slideshow on the website.
  • E-commerce extension is designed to organize and list products online.
    E-commerce application provides fully automated shopping cart and PayPal payment system.
  • Blog administrator generates news pages. It also provides comment section where visitors can leave their opinion. New comments appear in content management system and go live only once they are approved by website administrator.
  • Others We offer real time weather forecasts, motgage calculators, video players, custom visual effects and other customizable plugins.

Open source solutions

Apart of offering our own CMS we have skills working with open source content managers.

We have experience in customizing and writing plugins for various open source systems including: