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Web design& development

Successful website requires good graphic design, programming and marketing.

Each of these 3 elements are equally important so website would be easy to use and appealing to the reader, rank well on search engines with relevant keywords to attract visitors and load fast even for those who have a slower internet connection.

Web design

Graphic website design gives a first impression to the visitor.

Generally we use professional vector and pixel based design software to produce website designs. Some designs are also enhanced using 3D modelling and render software. Our graphic designers are focused on visual design; however they are familiar web fonts, HTML structures and other information to make the design efficient and compatible with web browsers and search engines.

From analyzing website statistics of many corporate websites we have found out that after we renew their design - percentage of page views per visitor increases. We have also seen increases in contact form visits, as well as in the amount of received feedback.

Website development

Once the design is ready our programmers encode it using modern HTML and CSS.

We make sure that the code is compatible with search engines and different web browsers. Encoded designs are usually added to content management system so website content could be edited online.

Our programmers also offer custom web applications for websites that require any additional functionality, such as PDF printing, product listings, etc. We have developed web based website and database managers suitable for handling products, clients and franchises.

Website SEO

SEO is a set of techniques to optimize and market your website on the internet.

Optimization usually starts from editing code making it compatible with modern HTML standards, web browsers and search engines.

Website text has to be optimized as well. We perform competitive keyword research to determine best keywords for your site and restructure the content so it would work for those keywords.

Once the website is optimized we perform online marketing to increase your website ranking and position it on search engine listings.

Content manager

Content management system is a server based software designed to handle large and busy websites.

We have been developing our content manager for over 5 years. It consists of many interconnected web applications to generate multilingual support, automated menus, product listings, blog and other services.

Our content manager is designed to be easy to use and highly customizable. We have developed many extensions and they can be adapted depending on your needs:

  • Property management and listing applications have been created on request of several real estate agencies in Costa del Sol.
  • Photo gallery extension has been developed to organize photos and generate automated listings and slideshow on the website.
  • E-commerce extension is designed to organize and list products online. E-commerce application provides shopping cart and PayPal payment system that is fully automated.
  • Blog administrator generates news page. It also provides comment section where visitors can leave their opinion. New comments appear in content management system and go live only once they are approved by website administrator.

Web hosting

We offer professional web hosting based on dedicated web servers.

Our web hosting starts from 50eur/year, this includes:

  • Fast servers based on multiple processors
  • MySQL5 databases
  • Helm 4 control panel
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Monthly website backup
  • Server support