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Sky Jazz
video art

Independent artistic video created for one of our electronic music songs.

Video focuses on aesthetics in nature and urban scenes looking through avant-garde film effects.

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Independent video art made for our electronic music song

Filmed nature and urban scenes were used in post production converting them into unusual video art.


Fresh nature and urban scenes with surreal touch

Unusual angles, overlays and colors in SkyJazz video clip are designed to make an impact converting casual scenes that we usually miss to something completely new - interesting and mysterious.

Sky Jazz song

Abstract electronic music made at Black Elk Studios

The song was written in late summer 2010 using complex modular synthesizers and audio effects. Main idea making this song was to achieve elegant unusual sound that would feel natural.


Shots for this video were filmed in several places in Andalucia.

Most notorious places include industrial area in Malaga, beach near Marbella, Alcornocales national park in Cádiz and others. Filming and mixing process took place during spring of 2010.

SkyJazz video and song are prepared for real time audiovisual performance. Real time video uses artificial intelligence to analyze the music and synchronize the video with music beat and changes. Real time video performance is also controlled using midi controller that allows modulating various effects and change compositions in real time.

This artistic video designed to be performed in stunning 720p HD resolution suitable for high definition TVs and projectors.


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