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“Journey to oneself”
music video

This video art piece has been produced for “Journey to oneself” electronic music album release.

The footage was filmed in Berlin during summer of 2010 and released after almost a year of experimentation with post production and real time VJ mixing.

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Abstract video art for “Journey to oneself” album release

Our team have used effects and animation synchronized with the groove producing this video.

visual art

Our aim for this music video was to create an abstract form of experimental video art for our “Journey to oneself” minimal techno track release.

Recorded shots took a long editing, post production and VJ process to achieve the right color, pulse and motion synchronized with music.

in Berlin

The shots were taken using HVX200 camcorder in various places in Europe.

Most of the footage used in this video has been filmed in various occasions while hanging out in Kreuzberg, Berlin in summer of 2010. Some of the material used was filmed during summer solstice of 2011 in Andalucia, Spain.


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