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Independent artistic films & video art

Artistic film production is our specialty.

We have been interested in real time video mixing and avant-garde video art since the very beginning.

Still after artistic post production from one of our independent filmsPost production Video mixing and retouch

Journey to oneself

Artistic music video

Groovy abstract video art produced for our new song release using heavy post production, animation and mixing achieve the right color, pulse and motion.

Our aim creating this film art was to create an abstract form of experimental video art deeply synchronized with music.

Abstract artistic music video produced for our new album release

Urban scenes from Berlin compiled as a music video

Sky Jazz

Music & natural video art

This video is a product of several months of filming and experimentation with footage, post production technologies, modular audio systems and many other audiovisual technologies.

Using unusual artistic angles and heavy filtering we offer a new look at casual scenes that otherwise get unnoticed. SkyJazz artistic film is designed for real time performance in HD.

SkyJazz avant-garde artistic video made by our independent film team

Surreal colors of nature during video art performance

Artistic film production

Once powerful processors and HD camcorders became available we have taken independent film art seriously.

Our independent film company is focused on abstract artistic video production. We like avant-garde effect chains to make the casual footage look surreal and innovative. As new school digital video producers we don’t forget the beauty of old styles suck as crisp black and white shots with shallow depth of field as these can look very innovative and artistic too.

Years of experimentation with VJ visuals and video art performance gave us solid knowledge about video retouch, post production, dynamic effects, video/vector graphics overlays and transitions. All these technologies permit a vast number of innovative styles for real time video and artistic film production.

High definition

Lately we have upgraded our video recording equipment to HD resolution.

Filming in HD takes a large amount of space as one minute of video occupies approx 1GB if space. Such huge files preserve color and luminance information that after performing retouch and post production is converted into crystal clear video.

Real time video mixing

We like to use modular VJ software to experiment with various effects and overlays.

Experimentation in real time is the key to develop innovative video look. Saved compositions are then used for artistic film production or real time visuals. Real time visual software allows changing effect controls, overlays, using sound analysis data or a midi controller.

Using Core i7 quad core processor with AMD stream video processors we can play complex real time VJ visuals in HD 720p resolution offering quality suitable for high definition video projectors.

VJ live performance

During the time we own HD camcorder we have recorded and prepared over 500 abstract video samples for real time performance.

Apart of filmed material we also use vector graphics, such as fonts and moving animations; these are usually as overlays embedded on top or in the background of the video footage using modular technology.