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Quality post production & video mixing

Raw video footage contains more information than the eye can see.

Post production visual adjustments are designed to use this information to balance video footage providing a clean look and artistic colour tones.

View in high definition

If you have a fast internet connection this video is available in HD mode.

High end video mixing and post production retouch example

Post production consists of video mixing and high end retouch so video footage would look professional.

Film look

The art of post production is used in all our serious video projects

Film look is achieved by using video correction tools and special effects that mimic cinema colors, optical filters and film texture. We are using a large variety of digital video enhancement tools and post production techniques and constantly testing new ones as soon as they are released.

In video post production adjustment levels are smoothly changing as the image changes. It takes skill to adjust the tools to provide optimum video quality in motion.

Video color correction

Proper color correction makes a big difference on how the video is perceived.

Studies have shown that our eye sees the image best when intensities of red, green and blue color tones are equalized. This can be achieved by compressing primary color values proportionally. Advanced color correction tools allow deeper video manipulation. We use them to add consistent color tone to final production.

Where we live in Costa del Sol, Southern Spain most raw footage delivered by the client looks too yellow due to strong Mediterranean sun. Color balance is adjusted on the camera to compensate this, however the footage can be made much more neutral and vivid using post production tools.

Video mixing using time-line

Footage is usually reviewed several times cutting useful parts and naming them so they could be quickly found and when needed for mixing.

Once raw video is cut and separate takes are cataloged properly, we proceed to video mixing.

Editor places cuts on the time-line and arranges them into story according to prepared plan. Some takes need to be swapped in places to make sure that video production would look good.

We will add required video and audio transitions and perform color & brightness correction. Once the footage is equalized and confirmed by the client we will add special effects for film look and vector graphics.

Real time video mixing

Real time VJ visuals have been our speciality since the very beginning.

It is a complex process of mixing video cuts in real time in non linear fashion. Real time video mixing software analyzes the music and provides numeric variables that can be connected to video changes and effects. We also use MIDI controller to change the effects in real time and to change from one visual composition to other.

Real time video mixing usually consists of creating complex video compositions. These compositions usually use several video streams that are merged using a variety of blending methods and effects. Each video mixing composition has its logic synchronized with music changing videos and effect values together with the beats.

Video effects

Equalized video footage could be made to look even better by using video effects and overlays.

We can make the video look like from the 50s, modern or even futuristic. Effects can be also configured to affect only certain parts of the footage using overlays to produce more outstanding results.

Video titles and overlays

Our crew designs video titles using vector based design tools and blend them using video transitions.

Instead of using simple transitions such as constant fade we prefer to animate a variety of effects and smooth adjustment curves to produce non linear transitions that look more natural.

Motion graphics can be overlaid into the video if needed. On top of the video we can add Flash animations, 3d renders and other video footage with a variety of overlays such as croma blue screen.

Post production

As you have noticed post production is not an easy task.

Post production requires powerful computer, knowledge about colour correction, stabilization, video effects and creativity while adjusting. If you are looking for professional post production and live in Costa del Sol, Spain we can pick your video footage from your home or office. We can also assign a filmographer to film your products, office or real estate object.

Video production formats

Video production can be delivered many different formats depending on business requirements

Original high definition video footage takes a huge amount of space because it uses very light compression designed for professional editing. Once the video is edited, mixed and retouched using time-line/post production or non linear mixing it has to be exported to video format available to consumers.

We offer 3 main commercial video formats:

  • Mpeg4 HD 720p H.264 - This advanced format is used for high definition video broadcasts such as quality projectors, newer computer screens and home cinema with HD screen and hardware.
  • DVD - Industry standard DVD video suitable for DVD players and older computers.
  • Web video - H.264 compression broadcast video integrated into website using Flash technology. It works on any computer with decent internet connection and Flash web browser plugin installed.