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Video production for website & online streaming

Online video streaming allows watching the footage on the website in real time.

Web based player preloads small part of video and plays it while it is loading further parts. This technology is developed to eliminate download waiting times; however video quality is limited due to viewer's internet connection speed.

Website videos are usually shorter compared to promotional DVDs. Internet video designed to make a minimalistic impact in a short time.

Online video compression

For online streaming we use high end H.264 video compression.

Quality compression makes sure that the video would look clean and sharp video viewing with decent internet connection. If requested we can perform several versions of the video so website visitors that have a fast internet connection would be able to view it in high definition.

Website video size

Even if video is made purely for web we record it in high definition.

If video has to be imported to website header or any other web component - the size of the video has to be cut and resized to fit available pixels. For full screen online playback, video size is set depending on internet connection transmission rate.

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Video production integration on the website

We can integrate your video on the website using Flash based video player.

For video integration into website header we would recommend our hosting server. For large videos viewed with free player we would recommend Vimeo, or YouTube free online video hosting. Our content management system is prepared to place a video player on any website page.

Online video marketing

We can optimize your video titles for better performance.

If you will decide to use YouTube or Vimeo streaming services we can optimize your video titles so it would be in reach for people searching for videos on these websites. We have experience in search engine marketing – video promotion works the same way.