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Live music video for La Contenta

HD video production recorded during band rehearses.

Video has been filmed during various band live music performances choosing best shots from cinematographic point of view.

View in high definition

If you have a fast internet connection this video is available in HD mode.

Professional live music video filmed during band live performances

La Contenta Orquestra music band plays a variety of classical and custom built instruments.

Band and filming works

La Contenta Orquestra has a variety of interesting instruments producing sound using strings, wind, tubular resonance and percussion.

As their warehouse is packed with equipment we were very happy film and photograph it since each angle generated very rich picture.

Our team has used professional high intensity lights to illuminate the place.

Video post production

Video footage has been retouched using many different filters to enhance contrast and colors.

Firstly the footage colors were neutralized due to unnatural artificial light spectrum, then we have fixed the contrast and finally many color manipulation filters were added to compress colors so they would look vivid and professional.

As the footage was shot handheld it was stabilized using optical and digital image stabilization technologies.


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