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Business video production services

Online video designed for visual business marketing.

Advertising using digital corporate videos is becoming more and more popular every day. Online videos are used by many companies for business advertising and professional presentations including corporate image, products, company installations, events and others.

Corporate videos require creative content, design and advanced retouch to transmit appropriate good looking business message that would attract internet audience and generate positive feedback.

Compared to television ads digital advertising is much cheaper. Promotional videos can be placed into commercial DVD viewable with any DVD player. Such DVDs can be attached to your company brochure or magazine and sent to potential clients. Alternatively corporate videos can be integrated to your website.

Commercial video production

Corporate video should represent both your philosophy and business products offered.

For most companies corporate video has to be equilibrated between creativity and business focus. Creative idea makes the video look attractive and interesting as most visitors prefer watching something creative instead of plain advertising. Super large companies often produce their corporate videos based on innovative non commercial idea and catchy video shots to promote their name, ideas and logo.

Video advertising theory

Studies have shown that the most viewers don't want to know all the features your products have.

You have to create some sort of higher level impression that your products are useful, cool and classy, that your office is cosy, workers are serious but friendly. Your products and services then have to fit your clients' expectation seen in the advertising video so they would identify with it and recommend your company to others.

Corporate video production shot from one of our promotional videosPost production Video editing & retouch

Corporate video quality

Promotional video quality plays an important role in your advertising campaign.

We usually shoot and mix commercial videos in 720p HD format. This high definition format is used for quality broadcasting by major HD satellite TV networks, such as Channel+ and others.
720p HD format looks stunning however many customers don't have high definition television sets and modern computers to view it. We use advanced downscaling to produce standard DVDs and advertising videos for web. Such process assures that the footage would look sharp and compression artefact free.

Real estate video production

Corporate real estate videos are usually made to promote exclusive property listed by the company.

If you want to make a video of your property somewhere in Costa del Sol, we can bring our equipment and film it from interior and exterior. Post production is very important while representing a property as the footage has to have a clean first-person look to make an impression for potential buyer.

We also do real estate photography with wide angle and shallow depth of field lenses and advanced photo retouch. These photos can be integrated into your video or website.

Website corporate video

We can integrate your corporate video on any part of your website.

As web designers and developers we can integrate promotional video using web based video player or directly into website header playing automatically when the site is loaded. We can also perform advanced post production to adjust the video to match corporate colors and website design.