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High end photo retouching services

Digital photo retouch tools are designed to enhance photo quality, add artistic styles and composites from various photos.

Almost all commercial photos used for high end market are enhanced and retouched to give them the right contrast, colour tone and effects.

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Digital photograph taken with professional equipment contains a large amount of information that is invisible to the naked eye. With proper enhancement and restoration techniques this hidden information can be used to greatly improve photo quality.

Fixing photo contrast and luminosity

Scientific studies have shown that human eye perceives the photo best when red, green and blue primary colour strengths are equalized.

Furthermore we need to fix general luminosity to stretch all over the spectrum; equilibrate shadow, mid tone and highlight colour strengths. When photo is normalized we can proceed with high end colour correction and more advanced enhancements.

Colour retouch

Colour retouch is very important for corporate and artistic pictures.

Different color schemes and effect chains make dramatic changes in how the photo is perceived. Our team uses many quality retouch techniques to achieve detailed photo enhancement offering professional and artistic styles.

We also perform digital color restoration for client photos taken under wrong color balance settings and pour light conditions.

High end photo enhancements

Professional photo retouch and restoration requires advanced technical and artistic skills.

Often photograph has to be broken down into many layers and masks so correction could be applied to different parts of the photo.

Our post production team also focuses on cutting objects from original image and merging them with a different environment using transparency, mixing photos with vector graphic designs and videos.

Urban Berliner photo with wrong color space without any digital retouching

Girl in urban Berlin

Street art photo before enhancement.

Original portrait picture without any enhancements

Portrait before retouch

Sharp low contrast photo before editing.

Original photo of exotic spice bag before restoration and digital retouch

Before any fixes

Original example photo ready for retouch.

Photo retouch for website integration

For tasteful website integration photos have to be retouched to match website style and colors.

If you need special retouch to integrate quality pictures to your website header or content we can adjust them according to your requirements and corporate identity.

We also offer photo gallery manager that allows upload and organize your photos using content management system providing automated photo gallery and dynamic slide-show.

High end real estate photo retouch

Real estate photos are generally retouched to have sharp and natural looking colors.

The photo is usually taken using quality wide angle lens that offers compressed space and sharpness and retouched to for optimum color balance and sunny color tone.

We have been taking property photos in Costa del Sol for many years. If you need high quality professional photos for your exclusive property to promote it on the internet or magazine we can visit the property to take interior and exterior photos and retouch them professionally.