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Artistic photography

Abstract artistic photos using modern and innovative approach

Artistic photography is the result of the creative process expressing unique perception of the photographer. There are several techniques to produce artistic photos; these include: motif, scene composition, retouching, collage and others.

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Photo art

The essence of abstract artistic photography is to transmit the creative vision that would look interesting and attractive.

Photo art primarily focuses on aesthetic styles. Artistic photographer often uses abstract scenes, parts of an object seen from unusual angle or human expressions, so scene beauty and aesthetics would stand out and make an impression.

Black & white photography

Many of best photographs are made in black and white.

Black and white photography reveals the shapes, volumes and illumination creating a special photo mood and expression.

Digital cameras can take nice pictures in black & white though the results when printing will never resemble the once taken in color and then processing each RGB color into a monochromatic or sepia palettes.

The lighting is essential in black & white photography to achieve the right contrast. Professional black & white photos are usually processed via a variety of effects and filters in post production.

Artistic portrait photography

Artistic portrait photographs are created to transmit expression, mood and aesthetics of the person.

We use many diferent digital retouching methods in portrait photography to produce an artistic portrait such as: Special textures, composite of the image, over or under exposure, back-light, importance of the posture, reflections and others.

Self portrait, Málaga

Dissolving of self

Night indoors photography

Artistic portrait photography from African music concert used for a poster

Poster art

Innovative band poster using our photo.

Innovative photo with artistic photo effects taken in Cuba

Cuban car portrait

Artistic street art photo taken in Cuba.

Abstract photo art shot in Tarifa, Spain

Artistic landscape

Abstract photo art taken in Tarifa.

Artistic nature photography

From creative abstract macro photography to beautiful landscapes, wildlife and natural textures.

Artistic nature photography focuses on aesthetics of the nature. Landscape photography seeks for perspectives of various nature and urban scenes.

Abstract urban photography

Urban photography is related to city and metropolitan life styles.

Urban photographers shoot city landscapes, buildings, streets and all sorts of objects found there. Street photography differs from urban photography because it focuses on aesthetics in urban people and their daily life instead of buildings and architecture.