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5th Black Elk Studios Record Label release - cybernetic techno tracks with styles ranging from tech house to minimal, deep and dub techno.

As in previous Deep Sound Theory EP release each song in this music album is produced by a different label artist and compiled by L3e. This gives this EP a variety of very different moods.

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Cybernetics EP [BELKS005]

Produced by our group of collaborating artists, album cover design by L3e.

Producing Cybernetic Elves track

This track started as a dark techno song..

After unsatisfactory results to produce the ultimate darkness I have started experimenting with various harmonies on midi keyboard. The result is a mixture of punchy minimal techno beats and happy elfish melodies called Cybernetic Elves.

Mastering Tribal Dub techno track

As in previous release Niccolo Machiavelli's track has been professionally mastered by L3e

On artist request mastering has been performed for this ethnic dub techno track. The sound has been equalized and adjusted adding a little bit more of punchiness and warmth.

Album cover design

by L3e, Black Elk Studios Team

Album cover design for Cybernetics EP digital release


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