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Minimal tech by L3e (Leeb) for this independent digital label.

Inspired by modern dub and techno music producers L3e is focused to achieve unique sounds and music textures so his music would speak of something different. Apart of being something material music is also spiritual encoding different temporary states of the consciousness.

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Music background

Lee started music production many years ago when computer based samplers became available.

Unsatisfied with flat sound and sampler limitations Lee became interested in modular sound generation. At the beginning this was hard to achieve because computers didn't have enough computing power to produce complex sounds.

Modern production

When computers got faster and VST instruments came out electronic music production got much more interesting

Finally when open modular systems came out, such as Native Instruments Reaktor, possibilities got endless. Lee made his best songs using these open modular synthesizers, because he cares for unique never heard sound. Lately Lee uses experimental rewiring within synthesizers to produce even more interesting sound.


  • Aug 2015

    maRina salmon from Spain

    I am a big fan of Basic Channel, Underground Resistance...I just discovered you by accident...Loving what you do,

    What a discovery of the day! I make music too, very interested in the video aspect and somebody remixing some tracks.


  • Feb 2011

    Tony from Spain

    Deep and hypnotic.. fantastic tracks.. keep it up!!!!