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Creative artistic video and photography

Team at Black Elk Studios has been interested in artistic photography and video production for many years.

Our experience comes from experimentations with video mixing, photo retouch and post production during our free time. Having a tight schedule building websites full time we didn’t bother to publish our work. We have found a use of these technologies to enhance website design and usability.

Aware of growing importance artistic video and photography production importance on the web we have decided to start this website also publishing our work on major sites such as YouTube, Flick and Vimeo.

Professional photo & video retouch

Digital image processing can be applied for web or business videos to make them look more appealing and professional. Using photo retouch we can enhance photographs so they would look sharp and stylish, also adjusting the palette to provide the right feeling and fit in with design colors.

The same idea can be applied to business videos – Using post production raw footage can be enhanced to look artistic, elegant or even spooky when it is necessary to transmit the message. This is achieved by using different color palettes creating different impressions. We can help in choosing and applying the right colors for your design or video production.

Creative audiovisual performance recorded in Southern SpainSky Jazz music video View video

Sky Jazz
audio-visual production

Our team is also focused on modern electronic and acoustic music production. This audio visual production is a result of years of experimentation with HD filming equipment, post production, non linear video editing and song writing.

Apart of visual processing we are also grinding acoustic and electronic music production. Sky jazz video and music is a product of years of experimentation with post production, non lineal video editing, HD filming and music composing. However Sky Jazz is only a first test video; we are planning to produce more artistic videos in the future.

Sky Jazz video uses various advanced video processing techniques such as merging multiple video sources, color retouch. Many effects have been synchronized with the song using real time sound analysis.


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