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Our team works on various web design, photography and video production experimenting with various digital technologies. In this section you will find latest updates about our production work.

Deep Sound Theory EP Release

Sun,22 Sep 2013 by Black Elk Studios Records

4th Black Elk Studios Record Label release with theoretic electronic music tracks with styles ranging from minimal to deep and dub techno.

Techno music album Deep Sound Theory EP

Each song in this EP is produced by a different artist that collaborates with the label: The Radiowave from Italy, Leeb from Southern Spain, Niccolo Machiavelli from UK and Tsdk from Canada.

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“Journey to oneself” music video

Wed,14 Dec 2011 by Black Elk Studios

The footage was filmed in many occasions in Kreuzberg area in Berlin, also Andalucia, Spain.

We have experimented with different parts of the footage for a long time in our production lab using various post production, synchronization with sound and real time mixing techniques.

Abstract video art for -Journey to Oneself- music album release

After “Journey to oneself” track has been released we have decided to put different parts together because the song has softness that provides the right atmosphere as well as minimal techno beat providing the groove suitable for deep synchronization with the video.

“Journey to oneself” music video »

Music video of bossa nova jazz trio

Fri,18 Mar 2011 by Black Elk Studios

R. Arreciado Jazz Trio playing at “Sonrisa Studios” in Marbella

In this video you can see our music teacher – Rafael Arreciado playing bossa nova jazz in Marbella. Every last Friday of the month Rafa and his jazz band gather at “Sonrisa Studios” to play live jazz often inviting skilled guest musicians; in this case the invited guest is saxophonist Rafael Águila.

Rafael Arreciado playing jazz guitar

Rafa is a very skilled guitarist, compositor and jazz player also teaching music harmony at Centre of Art and Culture in San Pedro de Alcántara, Southern Spain. He likes bossa nova style jazz that has its roots in Brazil.

This video has been recorded by our team using handheld HD camcorder during live concert in Marbella.

Music video of bossa nova jazz trio »

Berlin jazz video

Tue,14 Dec 2010 by Black Elk Studios

Video shots from jam sessions in Berlin recorded in 2010

Our team have visited many jazz clubs in Berlin bringing HD equipment to record live jam session concerts. We had to record handheld from difficult angles because the club was packed with people. However the music and illumination was really good so it was worth filming.

Live jazz music concert filmed in Berlin

This video has been recorded using optical image stabilization technology that reduces shaking when recording handheld. The footage was further stabilized, enhanced and retouched using post production tools.

Berlin jazz video »

Cybernetics EP Release

Sat,5 Oct 2013 by Black Elk Studios Records

Yet another label release with 4 new cybernetic music tracks ranging from playful techno, ethnic dub and to dark electronica.

Cybernetics EP music album release

As in previous album each song in this EP is produced by a different artist working with Black Elk Studios Records.

Cybernetics EP Release »

Aloha College educational website

Wed,8 May 2013 by Black Elk Studios Design

Complex educational website designed using latest tendencies and innovations so the college would be well ahead of their competitors.

The website has been produced using Wordpress content manager with a variety of plugins some of which we had to develop from scratch. Several thousand lines of PHP and Javascript code have been written in order to adapt content manager and its plugins to specific needs of the college.

International college website designed having usability in mind

New college website features many custom innovations that were carefully designed and developed combining server side PHP dynamism and Jquery Javascript libraries for special effects. These include custom slideshows, slider menus, photo previews, innovative contact forms with disappearing text etc.

We also had to build custom tools to import hundreds of news and events from their old website. Old content has been organized by years and months so it would be easily accessible by website visitors.

Aloha College educational website »

Business software video production

Thu,6 Oct 2011 by Black Elk Studios

Promotional video production for a company making radiant dashboard presentation software

This video has been produced using various video recording and processing technologies overlaying recorded and digitally captured footage to achieve sophisticated futuristic look requested by the company.

Promotional video produced for Crystal Mapping business software company

Person in the video – Mark Wogan has been recorded using HD camcorder, retouched for cinematic color tone and blended into the video using high quality chroma keying technology.

Special care has been taken to achieve smooth title text and scrolling animation while producing this video. All dynamic animation and motion parameters are enriched with non linear velocities providing smooth organic look.

Business software video production »

Music band video & photography

Mon,10 Jan 2011 by Black Elk Studios

Photography and video recording session for a music band from Marbella

Our team has been visiting rehearses of La Contenta Orquestra band for several years to enjoy Monday evenings listening and playing music in relaxed atmosphere.

Video and photography production for an innovative band in Marbella

Their custom built innovative instruments made from unusual and often recycled materials look very aesthetic so one day we have decided to do photography and filming session. Band warehouse is packed with different drums, xylophones, also innovative string, tubular and percussion instruments.

For illumination we have used professional 800W lamp to light the place from above. Recorded video footage and photos have been retouched using advanced post production tools to achieve vivid colors, optimal contrast and the right artistic styles.

Music band video & photography »

Creative audiovisuals

Mon,18 Oct 2010 by Black Elk Studios

Sky Jazz artistic video and song release

After several years of experimentation with photo and video retouch and HD video recording we have decided to release our works. Sky Jazz is our first production made in HD resolution.

Our team uses digital image retouch and editing technology in many business projects adding special mood to the footage.

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